Traumatic Brain Injury

Cognition Module
A traumatic brain injury can significantly impair a person’s cognitive functioning.  Cognitive deficits may include memory problems, inattention, distractibility, confusion, and speed of mental processing.  The Cognition Module focuses on orientation and awareness, attention, problem solving and memory skill development through various activities: memory games, TV attention training, mind benders and puzzles as well as Wii brain games.


Communication Module
A brain injury can also hinder communication skills, from receptive and expressive aphasia to difficulties reading and writing. The Communication Module provides language-based problem solving activities to improve word finding skills, word comprehension and sentence-level reading comprehension and beyond.  RehabCare is one of our partners who provide speech therapy.


Behavior Modification Module
Impulse control functions of the brain are most significantly impaired in TBI patients, causing changes in a person’s ability to process and manage emotions and actions.  The Behavior Modification Module addresses these abilities through social skill acquisition and awareness, anger management, conflict resolution, self esteem and community living skills.


Restorative Therapy Module
TBI patients may also experience changes in physical functioning as well as need guidance for activities of daily living (ADLs).  The Restorative Module assists participants with ADLs (bathing, grooming, etc) as well as physical and occupational rehabilitation through on-site skilled therapy, provided by RehabCare.